Dec 25, 2011

My Journey to Personal Freedom (Part 1)

Over the years I have studied Toltec Authors that wrote about topics similar to Carlos Castaneda. One day around the mid to late 90’s I saw don Miguel Ruiz on the Oprah Winfrey show. He was talking about the Toltec’s but he did not say anything that I was familiar with. My first reaction was: “Who does this guy think he is? It doesn’t sound to me like he knows anything about Castaneda or don Juan, or the path of power!”

Many times after that I would find his book The Four Agreements while browsing at a book store. I would pick it up and skim through it and have the same reaction each time: “What the hell is this? There is nothing in this for me” – or so I thought at the time.

In December of 2002 I had a very vivid and powerful dream. In it I was walking through a Native American camp and I was consumed with the feeling that I really did not know who I was or what it was like to have the complete freedom to be myself. As I walked around the camp, I kept my eyes open hoping to find a medicine person/man of knowledge. I was sure that if I found one there that he could help me. I saw a few people who had that special glint in their eyes, but for some reason I did not feel like approaching them.

Later on as I was walking in the camp along a lake shore, I saw a woman dressed in full ceremonial garb. She was holding an eagle feather and while I was walking she was staring over the tip of the eagle feather directly at me. As I continued along the shore, she magically turned on her heels and followed my motion in perfect synchronicity. At one point I felt an immense wave of energy come from her direction. I had never felt anything quite like what was moving through me.

Two days later I was in a bookstore and once again The Four Agreements book stood out to me. When I picked it up, it opened directly to page 95. My eyes went right to a paragraph that said:

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