Dec 21, 2009

Worry- A Prayer for what you do not want (Revised)

The cause of worry can often be linked it to indecision, inaction, or attachment to outcome.

Worrying is a strong indication that we are placing our attention on what we do not want. Energy flows where our attention goes, so when we place our attention on what we do not want, the energy of our intent is set in motion to create what we do not want!

Feeling bad in any way is often a result of placing your attention on something that you do not want. When I feel bad I make it a point to check in with my intent and ask:

“Have I intended to feel this way?” My answer is usually no! If this is the case, then I ask myself:”Why would I choose to feel this way?” (If it does not serve me in this moment, then why would I choose it?)

Then I ask: “If I did not intend to feel this way, then why do I feel this way?

Do I feel this way because I am resisting making a decision? Do I feel this way because I am resisting taking action, or am I resisting because either consciously, or unconsciously, I want things to stay the way they are?

Whenever I am feeling that I don’t like the way that things are, I make a habit of asking myself: “Why am I attached to wanting things to be any different than they are?” If I am attached to any outcome, then I inevitably set myself up for disappointment.

Then I ask myself: Do I need to make a decision and follow it up with action? If the answer is yes, and I follow up with action and then my worry is often reduced or eliminated.

If my worry persists, then I ask myself: Is this issue really under my control? The illusion of being in control often leads to suffering. Being in control is an artifice of the mind that can keep one from accepting things the way they are. If we cannot accept things the way they are, then we resist the way things are. When we resist what cannot be changed we suffer.
The Serenity Prayer frames this in a beautiful way:

“Great Spirit, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Another great quote comes to mind here:

"Learn to hope that everything shall come to pass exactly as it does"

We all want things to turn out the way we want, but the fact is that they often do not! It seems that somewhere in my domestication I was taught that worrying was a method of problem solving. I once thought that worrying would lead me to answers so I could avoid what I did not want. I no longer believe this to be true. Worry is like a prayer for what I don’t want! I have learned that worrying is a mechanisim that leads the mind to search for and create results that I do not want. This leads me to wonder:

If I worry about something, then how can I possibly cause what I do not want to happen?

When I worry I am fearing an undesirable outcome. By imagining an undesirable outcome, I invoke the energy of what I do not want, which inevitably supports the creation of what I do not want! We are all masters of creating and what we create depends greatly on what we focus on. Our feelings are guides that can tell us how we are focusing our attention. If we feel bad then are usually focusing on what we do not want. When this happens I change my focus to what I want and this shifts my perspective which inevitably leads to more positive and resourceful thinking, acting and being. When our thinking, acting and being is aligned with our intention and values and our dream we can create whatever we want!

When you catch yourself worrying it is good to ask : Am I focusing on what I do not want? Is this issue in my control? If not, and there is no decision or action required, just let it go and have trust that the universe knows what it is doing, a divine plan is unfolding whether we understand it, agree with it or not. When we have trust, we open ourselves to seeing the plan in a positive, supporting and resourceful way. When we do not trust or do not accept what we can’t change, we become at odds with the world, we resist it, fight it, reject it, and sometimes end up in a futile struggle that only leads to suffering. The choice is simple, focus on what you want and have trust in your ability to create what you want in life. Trust cultivates harmony. Resistance & distrust cultivates disharmony and conflict. It is your choice, the results you get in life will speak for themselves. If the issue is within your control, do your best, make a decision, take action, and follow-up with the plan on a consistent basis. When you have done your best, let it go. Detaching from outcome is an act of trust that enables one to conserve energy that would otherwise be wasted worrying or focusing on what you don’t want.

Nov 21, 2009

A Quote From a Wise One

Our memory may not be perfect.....

But our hearts are!!!

Mara S.
6 years old

Nov 20, 2009

There is no....

There is no failure until one gives up.

Nov 19, 2009

We Are Here For Each Other

I think the following quote has a wisdom in it that has the potential to change the world:

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"

-Mother Teresa

Why would be here for each other? If we were not here for each other, then why would we be here?

What would happen if we all remembered that we are here for each other?

I wonder what would happen if we all devoted one day toward opening ourselves to seeing that we are all here for each other? Instead of seeing someone as a threat, see them as someone who has something to teach us. Instead of seeing a person as someone to avoid, see them as someone worth getting to know and understand. Rather than seeing someone who has a problem that needs fixing, see them as perfect just the way they are in the moment. Everyone is in varying states of evolution doing the best that they can with the abilities they have. As soon as we believe otherwise we fall into the trap of judgment and we make ourselves right and others wrong. As soon as we do this we do this we close the door to the truth that we are all here for each other and our ability to live in peace and love is diminished.

Let’s make today and everyday “We are here for each other day”

Aug 17, 2009

Only in the mind....

Only in the mind does the inseparable become separate.

Jun 19, 2009

Eagles On A Turkey Farm

My Toltec Mentor, Allan Hardman shared the following story a few years ago on a teleconference. I have added some of my own elements and insights but Allan is credited for most of the story .

There once was a Turkey named Tom who lived with a small group of other turkeys in a large abandoned turkey farm.

Tom was an odd bird of sorts, he was always trying things that all the other turkeys found to be unusual and sometimes dangerous. He was always thinking, believing and saying things that other turkeys disagreed with.

One day Jacob the lead turkey confronted Tom and told him that he was concerned for his well being. Tom said “ why are you concerned? I am just fine, I am happy.” Jacob went on to explain that his behavior was unacceptable not only because some of his acts were dangerous, but his behavior has caused others to be concerned that he was crazy. Tom had never considered what others had thought of him until now. He decided to listen to Jacob, because he seemed to make sense, so he stopped doing and saying crazy things in an effort to be like everybody else.

After a few months of trying to be like everyone else, Jacob went to Tom and told him that he was happy about how Tom had been behaving himself. Tom responded by telling Jacob that he felt depressed and bored. He said “When I do crazy things I am happy and I learn new things all the time. I cannot be happy trying to be like everybody else, because I am not like anybody else. I feel different than all the other turkeys, I always have and I don’t care what they all say, I am going to do what makes me happy no matter what!

So despite Jacobs admonitions Tom went back to his wild stunts and crazy antics. Soon his depression lifted and he began to feel strong again. One day he felt so strong that he began to flap his wings and run around the yard. All the turkeys laughed at him; One said “look at this fool, what does he think he is doing? What a waste of energy, all that flapping and running. That will get him nowhere fast!” The turkeys laughed so hard that it tickled their gizzards. Jacob told them to stop laughing, this isn’t funny! he said. “It is plain to see that Tom is crazy and we would all be better off not paying any attention to him. Just ignore him”.

One day Tom confidently strutted up to Jacob and said “I think I can fly” Jacob told him that this was not possible, “no turkey has ever flown, we gave up trying years ago” he said. The other turkeys overheard Tom and laughed uproariously. Tom had had enough with these turkeys, he felt a surge of energy well up inside him and then he said “I can prove it, watch me” Tom ran off flapping his wings while the turkeys laughed and laughed. Just before Tom reached the fence he felt lighter and lighter and soon found himself above the ground. Tom flapped his way over the fence and never looked back. When Tom was high in the sky, he noticed that the whole world had taken on a new perspective. The world was much larger and more beautiful than he ever imagined. He realized that much of what he was told about the life of a turkey was only a small fraction of the truth.

Tom suddenly caught an immense updraft and found himself soaring with some other birds. When he saw them he realized that they looked just like him. “Hey, You look just like me he said!” “You are turkeys who can fly too!” Adam the alpha eagle flew up next to him and said “whoever told you that you were a turkey?” “ Jacob, the lead turkey did, and so did all the other turkeys on the farm!”

Adam said “well the truth is, you are not a turkey, you are an eagle! Tom said “ that explains why I have always felt like there was something more to me. Why would everyone lie to me an tell me that I am a turkey?” Jacob replied “Tom they are all eagles living like turkeys on a turkey farm. “But why? asked Tom” “They live in fear and they do not want to venture beyond what they know, so they have lived there for years never knowing that they were eagles living and thinking like turkeys.”

Adam took Tom under his wing and for over a year taught him the ways of the eagle. One day Tom was out soaring and saw what he thought was the old farm. Tom descended toward the farm and when the turkeys saw him coming, they shrieked and ran away in fear. Tom landed near one of Jacobs favorite spots. When Tom spotted Jacob he flew right over to talk to him. Jacob stopped trembling when he recognized that it was Tom. “Jacob, it is so good to see you!” Tom began to tell Jacob all about flying and the things that he learned from the eagles perspective, but Jacob said nothing. Tom realized that Jacob did not understand him. No matter how much he tried to get Jacob to understand, he simply could not.

Tom went to the other birds and tried to tell him what he learned and experienced. Some of the birds laughed at him and other birds began to tell him he was a crazy liar. They could not believe his story, it was impossible they said.

Tom could not figure out what was wrong, so he flew off to consult with Adam . He told Adam that he went to visit his old friends but no one seemed to understand anything he tried to tell him. Adam said “Tom, they did not understand because you were talking eagle to turkeys. You have to talk turkey to them, and while you do, you have to add some eagle talk in there a little at a time. If you talk too much eagle at once, they may not understand you or believe you. Some may not appreciate you for talking eagle because what you are offering them means change and since they habitually resist change and alternate viewpoints, they will reject you and they may even try to punish you or even kill you.

Tom went back to the farm and started talking turkey. They all understood him until Tom said “ you are not turkeys, you have been lied to. You can fly just like me if you want to. The turkeys looked at him and laughed, “there he goes talking crazy again” one said. He thinks that we are eagles, how absurd! No matter how hard Tom tried, the turkeys would not listen to him.

Later on Tom met Adam and asked “ I simply cannot get those turkeys to understand!!!” Adam wrapped his right wing around him and said “ Tom, don’t expect to ever be able to talk eagle to them or for them to change….ever! They are comfortable in their turkey world and there really is nothing wrong with that.

You and I know a different way of perceiving life, but that does not make our view any better than theirs. We simply prefer our view over theirs. We see how their view may work against them, but who are we to judge or interfere with how their life unfolds?

If those eagles choose to be turkeys then so be it. It is not for us to decide. One day one just like you, they may recognize their eagle-ness and take flight with us.

Jun 15, 2009


I found this quote this mourning and was touched by it so I thought I would share it here:

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.

-The Dali Lama

Jun 12, 2009

The Judge Creates The Prison

There are no prisons where there are no judges; no imprisonor’s and no imprisonee’s .

May 13, 2009

Reality is......

Like beauty, reality is in the eye of the beholder.

May 1, 2009

The Mind Explains ???

As soon as the mind explains, the mystery wanes.

Apr 30, 2009

Power Without Love

If I have the power to split mountains, but I don’t have love, I have nothing.

Feb 22, 2009

The "Norm"

“Normal” is just a condition or perspective that hasn’t expanded yet.

Feb 21, 2009

The Worlds Greatest Magician

Would you like to become The Worlds Greatest Magician?

The only secret is that there are no secrets. You all ready are the Worlds Greatest Magician!

I don’t need to prove this to you, you can prove it to yourself simply by closing your eyes and stating this powerful incantation:


Then open your eyes to the world that you have created. It is EXACTLY as it is, and your experience of it is EXACTLY as you perceive it.

The most powerful magic in the world is rooted in the power of your perception. You and only you are responsible for how you perceive the world. If you perceive it in a way that causes you to suffer in any way, know that you have all the power you will ever need in order to change your view of the world in a way that makes you happy.

Jan 22, 2009

Resistance vs Acceptance

Where there is resistance there is suffering.

Where there is acceptance there is peace.

Jan 21, 2009

Abundance Prayer

Considering the current economic situation and the changeover in the leadership of our country, I thought it would be a good time to offer this abundance prayer to all:

In order to fully accept abundance into my life…..

I open myself to let go of lack and loss.

The lack of abundance is simply and excess of limitations.

I willingly release all limitations from all levels of my body, mind, and spirit.

In doing so I release lack.

I release it with love and a knowingness that I am creating a new space for abundance.

I open myself to be filled with the divine aspect of abundance and allow it to reflect it’s presence in all that I see, say, think or do.

My abundance is all around me.

Abundance has no limits.

And now that I have abundance, I have no limits!

And so it is!

Jan 20, 2009

The Truth Survives the Skepticisim

Toltec author and teacher don Miguel Ruiz has said that 80% of what we believe is not true. Sometimes we have to suspend a belief in order to get to the truth. This is why don Miguel says that truth survives the skepticism. It is possible to be skeptical and open-minded. I did not find this easy to do because I liked my beliefs and I did not want them to be challenged. The problem with this was that I had beliefs that were not true and they were not ones that served me in a beneficial way.

In order to expose the lies in my life I had to apply The Third Agreement: Don’t make assumptions. In my experience, assumptions can pave the road to hell. I am a believer in truth because it is a powerful guide to help me get to where I want to go. I want to evolve past my assumptions and beliefs that hold me back. so I had to become more discerning and still remain open-minded. The lens that we view our world through is focused and colored by our beliefs. This is why we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

The Toltec’s are artists of the spirit, they teach us that we are dreaming and that the world that we perceive is our responsibility. If we don’t like what we see, we can change what we see and experience by challenging and changing our beliefs.

Don Miguel provided us with a powerful tool when he wrote “ don’t believe me, don’t believe anyone else, and don’t believe yourself.” During the time I was challenging my beliefs, I expanded on his words and wrote:

Don’t believe me; I cannot possibly know everything or know exactly what is right for you.

Don’t believe me; I am as honest as I can be right now, but that does not mean that I can always speak the truth.

Don’t believe me; for my story is only one version of an infinite mystery.

Don’t believe me; for I have my limitations, just like everybody else.

Don’t believe me; for my attachments may cause me to support a lie.

Don’t believe me; for I too am capable of being blinded by my own knowledge.

Don’t believe me; I have more questions than answers.

Don’t believe yourself; because your words may come from your parasite.

Don’t believe yourself; for your view is only a view, not an inviolable truth.

Don’t believe yourself; you may be lying and not even know it.

Don’t believe yourself; especially if you have the need to be right.

Don’t believe yourself; you don’t know everything either.

Don’t believe yourself: you are capable of being deceived and you are capable of deceiving yourself, just like everybody else.

Don’t believe yourself; your assumptions and expectations can pave the road to hell.

Don’t believe yourself; your preferences may cause you to believe lies or distort the truth, just like everybody else.

Don’t believe yourself; there is a storyteller in your mind that makes stuff up all the time.

Don’t believe anyone else; there is more misinformation out there than truth.

Don’t believe anyone else; that which glitters may be fools gold.

Don’t believe anyone else; everyone makes assumptions that may have little or no basis in truth.

Don’t believe anyone else; there is a bit of truth in every lie, and there is a bit of a lie in every truth.

Don’t believe anyone else; anyone can and does say whatever they want, true or not.

Don’t believe anyone else; especially if they have the need to be right.

Don’t believe anyone else; what seems true may have never been true……. ever.

Don’t believe anyone else; we may all be lying and telling the truth in the same breath.

Don’t believe anyone else; all things in creation have emerged out of a mystery that is unknowable to the mind.

Don’t believe anyone else; no one really knows what we are, or why we are here.

Don’t believe anyone else; their words may be coming from their parasite.

Don’t believe anyone else; what works for them may cause problems for you.

Don’t believe anyone else; for their truth is only a story that is true only for them.

Don’t believe anyone else; their words may be designed only to gain your acceptance and approval.

Don’t believe anyone else; they may be masters in the art of misinformation.

Don’t believe anyone else, no one can possibly be aware of every possibility.

Don’t believe anyone else; everyone has believed a lie and passed it on to someone else.

So many things to disbelieve and so many things to believe, just what shall we believe?

Believe in what makes your heart soar, even if it can be proven or not.

Believe in yourself no matter what.

Believe that you have the power to change anything that you need to change.

Believe that love is a powerful, guiding, and trustworthy force.

Believe that love has no limits.

Believe in whatever makes your day better for yourself and others.

Believe whatever it takes to get you past a current limitation.

Believe that your beliefs can affect everything about you.

Believe that your actions affect everything around you.

Believe that what you don’t believe, may turn out to be true.

Believe in the power of your intention.

Believe that what limits you now may give you strength later.

Believe in a higher power whether you can prove it’s existence or not.

Believe that all things can have a purpose, whether you agree with that purpose or not.

Believe in what supports you in a loving way.

Believe that you have always done your best and so has everyone else.

Believe whatever you want as long as you are also willing to not-believe.

Believe that you can be whatever you want to be, but know that you must first believe it in order to achieve it.

Believe in the power of an open mind.

Believe in the power of an open heart.

Believe in the power of arms wide-open to the world, accepting it exactly as it is, with no expectations.