Dec 25, 2011

My Journey to Personal Freedom (Part 1)

Over the years I have studied Toltec Authors that wrote about topics similar to Carlos Castaneda. One day around the mid to late 90’s I saw don Miguel Ruiz on the Oprah Winfrey show. He was talking about the Toltec’s but he did not say anything that I was familiar with. My first reaction was: “Who does this guy think he is? It doesn’t sound to me like he knows anything about Castaneda or don Juan, or the path of power!”

Many times after that I would find his book The Four Agreements while browsing at a book store. I would pick it up and skim through it and have the same reaction each time: “What the hell is this? There is nothing in this for me” – or so I thought at the time.

In December of 2002 I had a very vivid and powerful dream. In it I was walking through a Native American camp and I was consumed with the feeling that I really did not know who I was or what it was like to have the complete freedom to be myself. As I walked around the camp, I kept my eyes open hoping to find a medicine person/man of knowledge. I was sure that if I found one there that he could help me. I saw a few people who had that special glint in their eyes, but for some reason I did not feel like approaching them.

Later on as I was walking in the camp along a lake shore, I saw a woman dressed in full ceremonial garb. She was holding an eagle feather and while I was walking she was staring over the tip of the eagle feather directly at me. As I continued along the shore, she magically turned on her heels and followed my motion in perfect synchronicity. At one point I felt an immense wave of energy come from her direction. I had never felt anything quite like what was moving through me.

Two days later I was in a bookstore and once again The Four Agreements book stood out to me. When I picked it up, it opened directly to page 95. My eyes went right to a paragraph that said:

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Dec 20, 2011

Sparks of Infinity

The light of infinity is the purest and most powerful essence of creation.

Or sun and every star emanates the light of infinity in all directions penetrating all that is, all at once.

We are all children of the sun, born from the light of this brilliant, magnificent, and infinite source.

We were all born into this finite physical form so that we may discover new ways to experience and express the infinite nature of the source of all creation.

We are all sparks of infinity with the potential to shine this infinite light with as much luminescence as our physical forms and beliefs will allow.

We are all here to activate the spark of infinity that may lie dormant within ourselves and our fellow man.

We allow the spark of infinity to ignite the fire of our divinity so that our eternal essence can unite as one.

Dec 18, 2011

The Secret of Mind Over Matter Revealed!!

If you don't mind, then it don't matter!


One day I was thinking about what freedom is and how best to define it. I realized that much can be said about freedom and the pursuit of it. The subject could fill volumes of books, so I contemplated how to define it in as few words as possible. It did not seem possible until it occurred to me that it is simply this:

Freedom: The ability to enjoy life as it is.