Apr 14, 2013

Problem Thinking/Problem Causing

If problem thinking doesn't lead to problem solving, then it is called problem causing.
~ Starwalker

Apr 5, 2013

The Next Step In Human Evolution?

I posted this on Facebook on 12/19/2012 and then.....I forgot all about it!!!

The post was my reaction to theories that 12/21/2012 would be " The End of The World"

"What if the “end of the world” started the day it all began? ? Do we even really know for fact that there really was a “beginning?” And if there was no beginning (outside of the creations of the mind), can there even possibly be an end?

If infinity has no beginning and no ending , then “creation” as we know it began when a finite mind forced infinity into a finite box and called it’s contents “reality.” What if it created a story about reality complete with limitations that are only conceptually true, and called it “truth”

What if the “end of the world” was the end of the minds way of making the infinite finite? What if it stopped making the inseparable separate? What if it recognized it’s illusory creations/limitations, and began to create a more unitive, harmonious and sustainable reality?"

Could the next major step in human evolution be achieved by letting go of the finite mind and all of its illusory divisions/separations? Could unity consciousness be the key ingredient to peace, love and harmony on earth?

To be continued....................